iResidential/iCommercial is an online web portal. It’s designed to allow you access to your community’s information at any time and from anywhere. Resident owners, investment owners, tenants and committee members can benefit from immediate, secure and easy access to information specific to their property. This information is kept current and regularly updated. iResidential/iCommercial has put in place stringent measures to ensure owners’ information is safe and only can be accessed by the authorized person. The registration process is via the secure iResidential/iCommercial website and the owners’ information submitted is held securely under privacy laws.

iResidential/iCommercial provides the platform to allow management staff to communicate efficiently with residents, hence resolving issues in an effective manner.

iResidential/iCommercial is a user-based system and requires login, thus only residents of the particular community are given access to the system.

With iResidential/iCommercial, management staffs are able to perform efficiently and in turn, reduce the operating costs for the management office.