We Collection is the lifeline of your organization hence a good Accounts Receivable & an analytical module is crucial as it is the core of the organization prosperity and survival.

This module impacts some of the most important functions relating to billing, collection and the credit control functions:

  • Schedules billings to both tenants and owners- generates accurate and timely billings
  • Tracks deposits received in a deposit ledger
  • Partial payments and post-dated cheques are supported
  • Payment reminders to be sent to the customer are generated and tracked for all outstanding invoices
  • Billings for late payment interest can be generated anytime taking into consideration of grace periods, credit terms and using different interest rates
  • The Collection Activity function provides users with up-to-date status information about the account as well as tools to record and initiate follow-up actions for every account.
  • Integrated with Payment Online and upon successful transaction ported into the AR for transfer on basis of items paid
  • Has a comprehensive report library of debtor reports-aging analyzes, subsidiary ledgers, collection and transaction analysis